What a gem!

“I have been using Ilana as my CPA for thirteen years and my joy at her competent and patient treatment of me is more than I can describe… I couldn’t possibly do her justice.

“She has saved me money — legally! And in ways that I would have never thought possible. If that weren’t enough, in all that time, I haven’t doubted her advice for even a moment. I have recommended her to at least a half dozen of my friends and family and they all have returned to me to thank me!

“In today’s troubling and confusing times, we need all the help that we can get. I’m glad I have Ms. Roman as mine!”

Arlene Peck
TV Host, Journalist, and Investor

Ilana has been an absolute godsend!

“Ilana has been an absolute godsend! With her ever shining smile, she works away on your taxes with true ability. You can absolutely count on her! She is always looking to provide an ethical product, yet looks out for your best interest too. Give her a call and you won’t be sorry.”

Joella Hopkins, CSEP, CMP
President, Simply Mumtaz Events

Always on time & professional!

“Sperber Hotel Group has worked with I. Roman Accounting Services for the past seven years. We are a hotel sales representation company that relies on I. Roman Accounting Services for our bookkeeping and corporate income tax. Always on time and always professional, we look forward to continuing a long relationship with I. Roman Accounting Services.”

Linda Sperber
Sperber Hotel Group

I can’t thank Ilana enough…

“One day I received a letter from the IRS which stated I owed them over $30,000 in taxes. I mailed the letter to Ilana, my accountant. One month later, the IRS mailed me a second letter and in this letter it stated I owed them only $132. I can’t thank Ilana enough for her hard and diligent work on resolving the matter. Since then, I have referred Ilana to many of my most valuable clients.”

Albert Aizin
Financial Planner

I couldn’t recommend her more!

“It is so nice to be able to relax when tax season rolls around. Ilana Roman has prepared my taxes for 6 years. I went from filing as a single person with a W2 to a married person with 2 kids and 2 businesses. She has not only watched out for me over the years, but she has taught me how to set my businesses up to get the most out of my tax benefits. She is competent, reliable and honest. I couldn’t recommend her more!”

Dana Laine Parker